How it works?

Visiblee identifies anonymous website visitors and provides high quality leads for B2B companies.

The Visiblee proprietary technology gathers information about website visitors by identifying IP-addresses, cookies, and metadata via a script installed on the website. Additional relevant business information is gathered in real-time by powerful search engines from external web sources and databases.

Taking into account our clients’ specific target market and customer behavior the leads are scored by our machine learning algorithms.

Thus the sales pipeline is immediately fed with multiple high quality and scored leads. The additional information gathered really makes a difference and turns anonymous website visitors into actionable leads. Each lead is automatically integrated into an email nurturing program, which guarantees the visibility of the customer’s brand and reinforces the ROI.

Our secret sauce...

A unique combination of 4 state of the art technologies to create one major innovation.

Digital fingerprint identification

From IP addresses, cookies and metadata analysis, we are capable to identify companies and even people.

Big data technology

By using Web crawling algorithms to extract relevant and interpretable information from external data, Visiblee enriches the information we provide to our clients in real time.

Machine learning scoring

Machine Learning algorithms ensure a constant improvement of our knowledge of our client’s market and customer behavior.

Proprietary mega database

Proprietary database of millions of nominative cookies and IP addresses mutualized worldwide between our clients.

The Visiblee Lab

Data scientists working for the benefit of our clients

Visiblee is committed to research to further the understanding of customer behavior and weak signals of purchase.

Visiblee Lab is a dedicated team of Data scientists working on, among other things, Machine Learning algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Statistical Data analysis, Information extraction, Web Semantics, Predictive analysis and Knowledge representation.
The result of Visiblee Lab’s efforts are directly incorporated in our solutions to the benefit of our clients.

We strongly believe that to be able to offer a state-of-the-art solution to our clients it is indispensable to incorporate long term research into our product development cycle.

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