Nurture automatically all your leads

the best way to convert leads into valuable clients is responding instantly to all interesting prospects browsing your website. Program a series of 4-6 emails to be sent during a couple of months to contacts that interest you in the companies that visited your website.

This allows you to respond to ALL leads automatically in the time frame you choose. You can adapt the program depending on the profile of the leads.

Open rates are 100% better for nurturing emails than unsolicited email blasts in B2B. Leads who have browsed your website are already familiar with your offering and are prone to be interested in your communications.

Raise brand awareness and increase traffic

Increase website traffic and brand notoriety by sending emails to multiple, targeted contacts in the companies that visits your website. Send emails to the profiles that interest you and that are decision makers.

With our API,supercharge your marketing automation program

Are you already using marketing automation for lead conversion with Marketo, Pardot, Mailchimp or another solution?  if you to convert more leads, supercharge your program with contacts from companies who have visited your website and shown an interest in your product. In this way you can increase the number of contacts targeted by your Marketing Automation campaign, improve your conversion numbers and improving the ROI of your Marketing Automation Program.

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